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Jamaica Is a beautiful tropical Island in the Caribbean;  home of reggae, beaches, wood, water and delicious mouth watering Island food.Jamaica boasts a unique culture, and people.

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We are among the very few sites that offer Virtual Services from Jamaica. We offer a combination of professional Jamaican style Services and Products residentially and internationally Virtually. Contact us to gain access and use of the services provided by other Jamaican companies that we are associated with. Make use of  the receptionist service offered by an associate company or sign up for healthful recipes; weight loss, weight gain or weight maintenance

Live Virtual Receptionist Service
Have a highly trained and experienced professional receptionist handle all your business and personal calls.Have the calls transferred both locally,internationally and to your personal cell or home phone. Get a Jamaican number a business address to add that international image to your business. Additional services included in the virtual receptionist package.

Jamaican Weight Loss recipes
Get the recipes, support and advice your looking for. Keep in the best shape of your life, maintain your weight or loose weight. No over-night quick slim  plan, food, or drink that is damaging to your health; why take a product that says, "side effects include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite etc." Off-course with that plan you can get in a swim suit in the morning, BUT at the cost of your health. WHY PUT YOUR HEALTH AT RISK? Get healthful recipes, support and advice; watch your body become what you want it to be, while your self esteem become what it should be, as your confidence grows.

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